Website design, implementation and user guide + brand book .

FESCA (Federation of European Scleroderma Associations aisbl) is an umbrella group for European Scheleroderma patient organisations, acting on a pan-european level to encourage active involvement of politicians and pharmaceutical companies.

Delivery included design and implementation of responsive WordPress website, including a thorough user guide (27 pages) for easy daily maintenance. In a separate project, we delivered a brand book (55 pages) covering use of existing logo, developing and adding instructions on use of typography, colour, photography, icons and graphics; delivery also including stationary templates.

FESCA website
FESCA website initial sketches

Initial sketches for website.

FESCA website user guide.

Website user guide.

FESCA website user guide.
FESCA Brand Book

The brand book showcases examples of how to apply the organisation brand across platforms and communication materials. 

FESCA brand book