…And circus boy dances like a monkey on barbed wire



Honestly – we are not really that cultured.

We stop short of raising our pinky finger when drinking tea.
Curating cultivation or, dependent on assignment, cultivating curation – yes.

Cultural beings. Sure.

To know our culture. You need to know us.
Work with us – you won’t regret it and! we pay for lunch (and tea).


Simple as that.


We also keep our promises, know what we are doing, have the utmost respect for our clients, and only ever say yes when we can say with a certain certainty, that we can deliver on time and on location – meeting – and more often than not, exceeding expectations.

Being a deliberately small company and choosing to stay small keeps us highly adaptable with tremendous focus on collaboration.

Big hearts and big ambition at our core.
Focus and discretion our signature.

We travel frequently and gladly (being a travelling circus and all…) – often going where our client needs us. Sometimes process and projects simply become “better” with the option of sitting down face to face. Or perhaps looking over our shoulder in a real life human interaction. An optional alternative to endless two sentence email communication. Subject: Re: Re: Re: For review.

9-5 ain’t our thing – we do. Until done.

There are usually just the two of us – amidst a global group of many like minded that we know well and when to delegate to. The responsibility is ours though – always ours.

Be it graphically or photographically, in any form or format, analog, digital, printed in or imprinted on. Words or worlds or wordworlds – we create meaningful user experiences through applied design thinking and playful interactions.

No pun intended.

Visual identity is what we identify with. Visually representing you is what we do.

To view a few examples, take a look at our work.